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Uh, so I haven't received my welcome e-mail yet.  Had I known that the process would truly be random, I wouldn't have fretted over signing up on the first day!  I would happily settle for getting it sometime this week. It is only fair (in my mind, anyway).

So, as I wait to gain access into Pottermore, what am I expecting?  First and foremost is the Sorting.  I will be satisfied if I end up in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, though in reality I am most likely a Ravenpuff.  I JUST WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THE TRIO, OKAY?

Secondly is the extra information we will receive on various characters.  I saw on Snitchseeker that the full backstory on Vernon and Petunia's courtship is now available (I AM REFUSING TO READ IT, since I want to find this out myself whenever I am able to access the site) and surely that would be interesting to know, but I'm looking forward to learning more about the Veil in the Department of Mysteries, the orphanage that Tom Riddle grew up in, the personal lives of various Hogwarts professors and staff, Regulus Black, and any other random Ron info JKR is willing to provide!

Lastly (I'm sure I can come up with more expectations, but it's too early in the morning and I have to do some actual work while I am at work), I want to interact with other HP fans, whether it's in a chat room (like a common room type thing) with other House mates or friends in other Houses, working on "assignments" together (do your worst, Snape!  I'm good at following directions so I am sure I will do well in your class), or various school activities such as Quidditch matches, Hogsmeade visits, etc.

I WANT MY E-MAIL!  Please?

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