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He's got the skills to pay the bills - Part 1

This is going to be the first entry in a series (hopefully a brief yet entertaining series) of posts that will explain to the world to anyone who cares to an audience of one why I believe Rupert Grint is one of the most talented out of the young HP cast.

First off, let's be real here...Rupes doesn't get the credit he deserves and I believe the root of this problem can be divided in three parts:
  • Limited exposure of range due to lack of material to work with - let's face it, if movie Ron was anything like book Ron, then Rupert would have been free to display not only a wide range of emotions, but also much more character depth.  I can go on and on about Kloves' treatment of Ron's character, but I won't...perhaps another time, if the mood strikes.  
  • Rupert is not marketable - especially when compared to Dan and Emma, Rupes is simply not very commercial.  Dan is the face of the franchise, ambitious, personable, eloquent, and daring.  Emma, being THE GIRL in the trio, immediately commands focus.  It is also in her favor that she is attractive, intelligent, photogenic, and fashionable.  Rupert, in the meantime, is the ginger with the ice cream truck who utters "kind of," "quite," "really," and a host of other such words that makes an ordinary sentence sound like it's the hardest thing to say.  Very few people in the media bother to dig beneath the surface when Rupert himself doesn't offer much in interviews; his answers are trite and he is obviously not as comfortable as the other two.  This, in turn, deters the media from getting to know him better, especially when there are people like Dan, Emma, and even Tom Felton whose personality and charm are readily available.
  • Choice of projects - Rupert does himself no favors when trying to establish cred because of the roles he chooses.  Yes, he looked quite fuckable in Cherrybomb but the movie itself wasn't great.  Wild Target was adorable but he was a small part of an ensemble; the movie didn't do well, both critically and with the general audience (personally, I enjoyed it a lot since it's so Euro).  Tony was also somewhat Ron-ish and therefore not a huge stretch for Rupert to play.  We know next to nothing about Comrade and the role he is apparently super excited about (Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards) I am actually dreading.

Okay, how about I get to the actual point of this post?


This part will forever be my go-to scene if I am ever asked to explain my utter belief in Rupert's acting ability.  I remember seeing this movie for the first time (it actually wasn't that long ago; I'm quite new to the HP fandom) and being blown away by a tiny moment in this scene, which is captured in the gif.  Harry and Ron had just discovered that a student had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets and they find out that the student is Ginny.  The moment I am speaking of is how Ron's eyes immediately fill with tears after he says his sister's name.  The gif doesn't do it justice, of course, but it had such an impact with me.  There was no need for Rupert to scrunch up his nose or squint his eyes or wrinkle his forehead to force any semblance of crying.  His eyes remain open the whole time and they literally shine with unshed tears in the span of a few seconds.  His portrayal of grief and shock is realistic and accurate for his character. 

This scene, those scant seconds of his talent on display, may have marked the very moment I began to stan for Rupert.

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